Rumbo, Rumbo……wherefore art thou, Rumbo?!

Rumbo, Rumbo……wherefore art thou, Rumbo[1]?

It is a little known fact that there are over 3000 rum-emporiums in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. On any given day should you desire the comforting embrace of an auburn to red rum you can do so, in any of these fine establishments, known locally as ‘rum shops’.  Should you crave the affections of an award winning, named after a fictional film pirate rum, it is easy to locate. And lastly, should you need a jet fuel injection from an over-proof, can’t take it on the plane with you, farmers suffering from withdrawal symptoms  on the off-chance it is absent from the shelves, white rum,  then come to my arms Brother, welcome home, for you have found kindred spirits.

The paradise I live in, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, SVG to those in the know, is a truly magical place with stunning views, an amazingly varied terrain and extremely friendly and trusting people. Remember ‘Star Trek’, when they used the term ‘the
undiscovered country’? Well, they were speaking about us. Kidding! But, honestly, the term really does apply. We are not a Barbados that has all the amenities of a tiny England or a small USA. No, we still retain the old world charm that is truly, intrinsically West Indian. Our main town Kingstown still has that slightly colonial feel. I am not saying that if Chris Columbus came back from the dead tomorrow he would know where everything is still! That is not what I am saying. What I am saying, is that he would recognize the energy and the vibe. We are a relaxed group, Vincentians. Not a whole lot bothers us. Some attribute this to our ability to weather exogenous shocks, I attribute it to our faith in rum. Rum can make all things seem bearable.

Okay! Now Brother, for that tour of all the major Rum Emporiums of note. We will start in jolly old Kingstown and head north to Georgetown. I must warn you that SVG is an
archipelago of 32 islands, 33 if you count the man made one in Union Island, where the single resident turned it into a bar to serve what? Yes, of course, what else – rum!

Kingstown has numerous restaurants etc. that can serve you any cocktail your little heart desires. But, it is also packed with small establishments where you can buy a ‘petit’ of rum that culture dictates you drink straight. No fluffy, frou-frou cocktail for you, Brother! Put some more hair on that chest! Never let it be said that they found any Brother of mine under the table! There is a fine emporium just to the right of the Royal SVG Police HQ, where I am sure we can make a friend. Come!

Our next town is Calliaqua.  Can you stand up, Brother? This is a fishing community that hosts many a rum emporium.  It also hosts its own Carnival. Everyone knows that rum must be present at Carnival! There is no other way to be awake for four days straight without rum to keep your company through the night. I think we should stay here in Calliaqua to sample the local delights of Fish Fry-Day, and chase that with some rum. Tell your friends not to worry. We will be with them again licketty-split, to regale
them with our adventures!

[1] Rumbo: An extreme connoisseur of rum and rum products. The origin is Creole and
is the West Indian version of ‘Wino’.

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