Kingstown – After Dark

Ok, so that sounds kind of sinister but believe me it’s not. Kingstown isn’t the kind of town where the freaks come out at night. In fact, it’s pretty much fast asleep at that hour. But the night owls and all around good-time seekers know exactly where to go once the sun has bid us adieu for the night.


Flow is a lounge and wine bar which is the perfect place for bridging that weird, don’t-know-what-to-do time gap between work ending and club hours. The space is tastefully and elegantly decorated and holds true to the word “lounge”. The room is scattered with the most (maybe too) comfy, plush chairs imaginable, just begging you to curl up with a glass of wine and some friends to chat. The ambiance is perfectly in sync, with gentle jazz a-wafting and warm ochre light a-shining. The menus aren’t bad either with a cornucopia of wines, ales and brews from all over the world.



Ok. Yes. We’ve mentioned Heritage Square before in our post, “Kingstown – A Day Trip”. I know. But what holds true for the day time holds even better in the night time. Heritage Square is normally so “ram jam” on a Friday evening, there’s barely space to walk. This is THE after-work lyme. The food trucks become mini bars and many a Friday night, you could find enormous sound systems set up to blast the sweetest soca and most “sell-off” dancehall music. This is the best bet for people who enjoy more down-to-earth, “rootsy” fun, out in the open and under the stars.



Now, Club 28 (formerly Rush) is an excellent lyme and I’ll tell you why.  Like most clubs, it has a lounge downstairs. However, unlike most lounges, Club 28’s can get as wild as (and on occasion wilder than) the club upstairs.

So, right after work, hit 28’s lounge. It is amazing and my personal fave spot. The lounge is like a mix of, well, a lounge, and a hip, cool, energetic bar.  Confused? Let me explain. Early in the evening, it’s definitely more chill and laid-back. You come in after work, you kick back, you sip a glass of wine (or an Amaretto Sour *wink wink*), have a chat with your friends  and have some yummy snacks from the menu. Then, as the night progresses, the energy picks up and, well, makes you not want to bother to head upstairs…yeah…that fun.

If you must get on a dance floor and dance all night in a sweaty, heady frenzy, then just head up the flight of stairs and there in all its laser-light glory is the dance floor complete with hot DJ. Get down Saturday night!



Shark bar is the proper sports bar in SVG, complete with pool tables and flat screens for whichever game is must-see at the time.  What’s interesting about Shark too is the addition of a “dance” space. Yes, the clientele can shake a leg there but, frankly, that’s not what comes to my mind…poles and a stage. That’s all I’m saying.

Poles and stage aside, Shark Bar is usually a good time. In fact, I’m heading there tonight…in a few actually…have to get ready. Hasta!

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