The Importance of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign

“Do Not Disturb”

This means ‘I just want to be left alone’. There is no other way to interpret these three words. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the few places left where you can actually have an entire strip of beach to yourself. Not just the beaches though, there are entire islands where you can enjoy blessed solitude. If you really want to be around people you only have to look for a soccer match or a watering hole to find them.

Please have a little look at the list of places  where blissful solitude is not a dream, but a complete, and achievable reality:

  1. Young Island Resort, St. Vincent ->
  2. Moonhole, Bequia, Grenadines ->
  3. Mustique, Grenadines ->
  4. Tobago Keys, Grenadines ->
  5. Palm Island Resort, Grenadines ->
  6. Petit St. Vincent Resort, Grenadines ->
  7. Friendship Bay, Bequia, Grenadines ->
  8. Union Island, Grenadines
  9. Botanical gardens, St. Vincent ->
  10. La Soufriere, Volcano, St. Vincent ->

Some of these locations have websites, and others unfortunately do not. But I have tried to  provide you with this information so that you can have a look around if your heart desires. Happy browsing!

Rumscapade in SVG

Rum spends a lot of time following me around. There is this particular glass of white rum that was stalking me! I tried so hard to get away one particular weekend.
It started in Wallilabou, right above the site where ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was filmed. I went with some cronies to the Wallilabou Falls. This is a small waterfall surrounded by heavy, dark coloured rocks, and set amongst lush gardens. If you are a lover of nature, this place will certainly soothe your soul. Anyway, I digress. I rolled in with some friends, and as soon as we arrived, there were some people we recognized instantly. They invited us to sit with them. There is a bar and a seating area at the falls, and there is seating strategically placed all over the falls/park area. We drank white rum and coke, and spent a pleasant time there discussing various things in this lush setting. It began to get dark and we needed to leave, and that is when I made my fatal mistake. I refused the glass of white rum. What an unforgivable faux pas! Thereafter, the rum stalked me.
I went to ‘The Grill’ in Villa the next night to eat the best jerk pork and festival in SVG, and to my horror, the glass of white rum and coke appeared! The waitress claimed that is was with the complements of the group at the bar, but I knew who it was! It was the drink I had refused the day before, half way across the island in Wallilabou!
All I was trying to do was make it back home sober, not staggering around. That’s all! I made my excuses to my party and took off! I was headed to Byera for some fried chicken up on the windward side of the island. Since I had been denied jerk, I would have fried! I got in my little gun-metal-grey car, and I drove and drove-as if the hounds of hell were chasing me. When I arrived in Byera, I threw my vehicle in park, yanked up the hand brake and shot into the little bar.

Now, this run-emporium, while it may not be the most elegant establishment in SVG, has its own charm and its own unique ambience. It is always welcoming, always comforting and the food is always fresh and tasty. I was welcomed as the regular I was. My back was clapped repeatedly, I was offered food immediately; I was home! I sat on a tall stool and sipped a ‘Hairoun Mauby’ soda, and relaxed. There was no way the rum would find me here! Finally, I had outrun it.
I began to get complacent when the young people came to dance. They danced to calypso and soca; it reminded me of Carnival. No sooner had I slipped into this fantastic fantasy induced by companionship and song, than the rum appeared. It was on the house! The owner had provided a round. My fried chicken had the audacity to arrive at the same time. My eyes shifted between them both.
I went outside. I needed to breathe. Why?!Why was this glass of white rum following me like this? It was unforgivable!
I had had enough! I ran back inside and promptly downed the glass. So be it! I embraced the warm wonderful sensation, burning down my throat. I watched the dancers and got back home feeling happy at 3am. But, I was content, for what is a moonlit night in the Caribbean without a glass of rum?

Always a deck chair waiting for you…

Can I just tell you how every colour of the rainbow is available in St. Vincent and the Grenadines? That every imaginable shade of blue will follow you forever, as you take sun filled walk after walk on the most unbelievable cobalt and azure beaches in creation?

I went to the Grenadine island of Bequia last weekend. Please look it up, ‘Google’ it. It will be a rewarding experience, I assure you. Now, I went there to meet a friend from Canada, and she was only too happy to be frolicking on our golden, sun-kissed shores at this time of year being from North America. I have a picture showing her and my cousins feet as they longed on the beach and sipped a beastly cold ‘Hairoun’ lager on Lower Bay.

I promise you that this place loosens your tongue and lowers the natural inclination to filter information. Now, you may say to yourself, “Self, this is not a good thing. We have way too many secrets!” But, I would beg to differ. I believe, rather profoundly, that to release one’s inhibitions is a thing of beauty, since it is a purer, truer you who is being presented, this allows you make superior connections with others.

Such an attitude, a mindset is appreciated on lovely Bequia, where the locals tend to be very frank and matter of fact in their speech and dealings. Bequia is only nine miles away from mainland St. Vincent. This translates to about an hour by regular ferry and about fifteen minutes by fast ferry. The journey is pleasant and allows for introspection, and tons of fabulous photographs.

One of my favourite things to do on Bequia, and this may sound kind of eighteenth century to some rum connoisseurs is to have tea at ‘Gingerbread’. This is a fabulous place in Port Elizabeth, Bequia to the right and a short five-minute walk from the wharf. I tell you these people make the most glorious ginger and shortbread cookies in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and that is saying a lot since there are thirty-two islands!

In Bequia, the beaches will never be crowded. It is still the undiscovered paradise. There will always be privacy to steal a kiss or two, or three at sunset as you sit and watch the sun go down with your tea and glorious cookies. There are other delights to tempt you though. My cousin, who is completely lactose intolerant, always has to have the nutmeg ice cream. If I have something cold it’s usually the mango yogurt. The cold treats are made fresh; the mangoes always smell as though they came off the tree that morning! And they probably did! The ladies who make the cookies and the cold treats are not allowed to go on vacation, get sick or die! I have spoken. A trip is not a trip to Bequia if these things are not in place; it is part of the ritual of the visit, or it would feel incomplete.

There is always a deck chair waiting for you in Bequia, always a cold lager to welcome you out of the noonday sun. I took pictures and posted them here so that you can see, it’s the gospel truth. So, come down! Bring your swimsuit and your appetite for colour and the novelty of the new – come enjoy St. Vincent and the Grenadines with us!